“Everything is a product and there is a product for everyone.”

Launched in 2008 in Tokyo, Japan product/81 is a Wynwood-based creative lab.

Using a hyper-local, micro-social and organic approach, we build real, honest communities for brands and evolve the bonds and conversations between them. We also thrive in the multicultural world, where language and nationalities blur.

To do this, we’ve pioneered the field of Culture Design™ and merge art and science, anthropology and marketing, data and gut instincts.

Culture Design™ is the practicing discipline in our creative lab. A multi-platform, multi-disciplinary approach to business and communication based on constant experimentation. It mixes strategies derived from advertising, marketing, public relations, social media and experiential branding. Its ultimate goal is to create communities of voluntary subscribers and advocates by using all the tools available to humanize the relationship between people and brands.

It is like old school business with new tools.

Culture Design™ is a constantly evolving discipline – not static, but organic just like us. Instead of casting a huge net, it uses a micro-social approach that allows us to identify and connect with the right people in a hyper-local manner. It does not focus on turn-key sales or branding, but creating a market and a culture. We don’t boil people down to numbers or markets or focus groups, but instead promote conversation, interaction and engagement. We know and believe that consumers are smart and informed, so in a world where corporations are people and people are corporations, what we need is humanity in the interaction.
As a creative lab, our methods are rooted in persistent and exhaustive experimentation. We approach each challenge as we would an experiment: forming questions, gathering research, taking field notes and more importantly - gaining results.

The YoAmo305 gallery is the heart and soul of product/81 creative lab. It is an open space for artists, innovators and members of the community to collaborate and create. An experiment in showcasing and embracing artists across different mediums, the YoAmo305 gallery is an open-forum for artistic growth and inspiration. Located in the booming heart of Wynwood, the YoAmo305 gallery has established itself as a space for highlighting burgeoning local and international talent while simultaneously existing as a work of art itself – with its iconic and ever-evolving door captured through the lens of locals and tourists alike (#yoamo305).
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We figured we’d save you the trouble of filling out a generic form:
Product/81 Creative Lab HQ
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Product/81 Gallery
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We are a team of forward-thinking individuals from a wide-range of disciplines. With backgrounds in advertising, literature, design, journalism and finance, we know talent when we see it.

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Current openings:
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The more, the merrier we say. We’re always on the look out for bright and motivated talent to join our team. Our internship program works more like an apprenticeship, providing a full hands-on and immersive experience.

Current openings:
• Content/Social Media
• Video Production
• Art Direction

Send a cover letter and resume to: interns@product81.com